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Because making acupuncture affordable is one of our top concerns, we’ve designed our clinic in a way that lets us treat many people for low fees, instead of a few people for high fees. There are a couple of ingredients to making this work.

All our treatment takes place in a community room, where several treatments are going on at the same time. This is a soothing, relaxing space with living room style recliners and soft music. Because acupuncture is a form of energy medicine, many people believe that energy is enhanced when treatments are done concurrently. If you’ve ever done yoga or meditation in a group, and compared it to the same practice when alone, you’ll have some idea of what this means. In acupuncture, more energy means more effective treatments. Maybe this is one of the reasons why treatments in China, which can involve dozens of clients in a single large treatment room, often show such remarkable results.

During your first visit, we’ll meet with you privately to briefly discuss your main complaint and health history. Then we’ll help you get comfortable in the Community Room, where you’ll remove your shoes and socks. Because we practice a distal point style of acupuncture, clients do not need to undress for treatment. Most points selected are on the lower arms (from elbows to hands) or lower legs (from knees to feet) or on the ears and head. Points in these areas are able to target and treat the entire body. As long as people wear pants that can easily be rolled to the knee and sleeves that can be pushed above the elbow; they can be treated in this style. 

(For a list of conditions commonly treated with acupuncture, click here.)


In Massachusetts, most health insurance policies do not cover acupuncture. Even in states that have some coverage of acupuncture, many people do not have insurance. This means conventional styles of acupuncture practice, which typically charge $65- $150 for one treatment, are beyond the reach of many people. By creating a sliding scale, we make treatment much more affordable and available. At Community Acupuncture on Cape Cod, clients pay from $25-$45 a visit, with an additional $10 fee for the first visit. Each person decides for themselves what they can afford within that range. When making that decision, keep in mind that we want to see you get the best results possible with acupuncture, which, in the beginning, can require frequent treatment. We'd rather see you twice a week and have you pay $25 or $30 a visit than to have you come once a week and pay $45.

Diana Di Gioia, Lic. Acupuncturist 
Director of Community Acupuncture on Cape Cod 

Diana is a 1995 graduate of New England School of Acupuncture in Newton, Massachusetts, where she trained in both Chinese and Japanese acupuncture styles. In 2003, she began studying with Dr. Richard Tan, originator of the Balance Method of acupuncture, a distal point treatment style that can show instant results in treating pain without using any local needles in the pain area. Besides creating one of the first Community Acupuncture clinics in the country, Diana is also active in the national Community Acupuncture movement, and has facilitated trainings and taught this practice model to acupuncturists from throughout the Northeast. She has been in practice on Cape Cod since 1995.
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I'm a 62 year old with extreme arthritis in both hips, knees and feet. Standing on these bearing joints 8 hrs. a day is not only exhausting but causes extreme pain and discomfort. 

(Acupuncture) far exceeded any expectations I might have had --- I walked in using a cane, and walked out with it under my arm. It has greatly improved the quality of my life.

N.W., Yarmouth, MA

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Because we charge so much less than typical fees for acupuncture, we are left with less to spend on typical business expenses such as advertising. We rely on the referrals of clients, friends and neighbors to keep our clinic strong. We thrive because our community sees us offering something of value, and are glad to find ways to give back, by spreading the word for us about community acupuncture.

We’re proud to be part of the Community Acupuncture Network, a national group of acupuncturists working for affordability and access. What started with one clinic in Portland, Oregon has spread to  hundreds of clinics around the country, with more opening every month.  


§  Compassion: The staff will interact with compassion and caring with each other, patients and the community.

§  Inclusiveness/diversity: This clinic and its staff respect and welcome diversity in race, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic class, ability and sexual and gender orientation.

§  Access/economic justice: Fair and equal access to health care is at the core of everything we do. We commit to making our treatments affordable, and treating everyone equally regardless of how much they can afford to pay.

§  Community: We will actively seek ways to make the clinic more connected with the community it serves, and to nurture interdependence within our community.

§  Creativity: We value creativity in many forms, and look for ways to celebrate our community’s creativity within our clinic.